The Kids Rustic Veg Trough handmade wooden garden planter

The Kids Rustic Veg Trough


    The Kids Rustic Veg Troughs are the perfect way to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers! They are the perfect height for green fingered youngsters, plus your plants will avoid some ground-dwelling pests. The slanted planting space make the trough suitable for both shallow and deep rooting crops – herbs at the front, carrots at the back for example!

    The slim design maximises your growing space and are suitable for gardens, patios and even balconies. Anyone can have room to grow their own!

    Our troughs are made from 20mm thick tanalised softwood making them tougher and stronger than others on the market. All of the timber used in the manufacture of the troughs is 100% FSC certified which means it comes from well managed and sustainable forests. Each trough comes supplied with a hessian liner, which keeps your compost in place while allowing drainage and aeration and unlike polypropylene membranes, they are biodegradable, lasting three years and replacements can be bought here. The hessian liner can be added to your compost bin once it has come to the end of it’s natural life.

    The troughs are delivered flat pack for self assembly and our easy to follow instructions will have you planting in no time. You can also watch Andy putting one together on our online video.


    Internal dimensions – 1000mm long x 460mm wide across the top x 300mm wide across the bottom x 350mm deep

    External dimensions – 1140mm long x 500mm wide x 500 tall

    Weight of trough before soil added – 25Kg

    Trough will need 180 litres of soil